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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If I was King!

If I was king...

I wonder what life would be like.  I don't need a huge kingdom, just enough so that I can have my own rules and live comfortably.  Big enough that my kingdom would be self reliant and not depend on other countries for things like oil and gas and other natural resources.

I would live where there wasn't snow.  I have no use for it.  I would much rather wakeboard than snowboard.   There you go.... tropical island.  Lots of water, sun, sand and beaches.  No wind thank you.  Wind pisses me off.  It can be windy when I'm asleep... that's the way it should be.

I would still cook my own food.... because I like to.  When I didn't want to cook, Gordon Ramsey would come to my kitchen and tell the staff  'Fʊ¢k off, you're doing it wrong!"  (I think that he thinks he is he is my hero.)

I would sleep in when I want to and get up for sunrise when I want to too.

There would be no TV on my island, only because that means there would be no commercials.

Stupid people would be exiled.  I'm not talking about people with diminished capacity, rather people that have no common sense or common courtesy.  They would be taken to the edge of the island (a cliff) and .... exiled.

Race doesn't matter, religion doesn't matter.  You can be any color, creed or share any beliefs you want within reason.  And I'm the judge.  If you want to believe in God, Allah, Shiva, Budha, it doesn't matter to me.  But you can't discriminate against, preach against or terrorize anybody.  If your religion preaches that you are above others, it's out.  And there is no going door to door to convince people that you have the truth.  If you really do, and you are happy, people will see that in the way you live, and they will ask you.

Punishments would fit the crime.  Murderers die, Pedophiles who take away the childhood of their victims will have the remainder of their adulthood stripped away (they die too).  Rapists....well...... they get castrated and ostracized from society.

Education would be a right, as well as healthcare. 

Taxes would be a flat rate percentage for everybody.  No tax exemptions because you claimed your dog as a disabled dependant.  Just because you make more and can hire a fancy accountant has no bearing on how much taxes you will pay.

Afternoon naps would be the norm.

speaking of which... it's time for mine....


  1. Are there any girls on your island?

  2. Hey should blog again.

  3. and Cathy and T would be there! oh and lets not forget Edward Cullens cuz when your busy exciling losers, we need some thing to entertain us!