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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Week After

So why is it that the week after you get back from a vacation always seems to take forever!... Gotta say, the trip was awesome. New things to see and do... And the company wasn't bad either, but alas, had to come back home and back to the snow, the commute, the stress of my current life and the daily job.

Seriously...It just seems like there is never enough time in the day.

So I spent last night carving pumpkins with the boys. They all had a good time.

Boy#1 wanted just a traditional jack-o-lantern. You know, triangle eyes, toothy grin, triangle nose.

Boy #3 wanted crossed swords...easy enough.

Boy#2 however, wanted a kindof wizards staff with an eyeball globe thing on top of it and a snake wrapped around it. How in the heck are you supposed to carve that into a pumpkin? Well, we made our best effort and it turned out okay. I don't think its quite how he or I envisioned it, but really... Jack-O'Lanterns last for what...3 days.... It'll be fine.

So of course I had to do one too so mine is the standard scary-ish skull type deal.

Boy #2 was the first to ask if there was anything to drink. When I pointed out the chocolate milk in the fridge he was pretty thrilled. Oh to be 12 years old again when Chocolate milk makes your day.

After that the other two in turn each asked if there was anything to drink knowing full well that there was choc. Milk. Needless to say, when I dropped boys off at their moms house for 'bed time' they were all still a little wired from the chocolate....but at least they had fun.

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  1. Chocolate milk makes my day and I am 20.......and lets not lie I know it kinda still makes yours! lol <3