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Friday, January 15, 2010


I always thought it could be this way, but never believed it would happen for me.

I always thought that people who got up and said that their spouse was their best friend and buddy were full of it.  Turns out I found it.

I always thought I would end up alone, eventually.  Now I think differently.

I always thought I wasn't good enough, not worth it, and unimportant.  Apparently that's not the case.

I always thought my opinion didn't really matter.  Now it's expected, and heard (not always agreed with, but that's good too).

I like sleeping next to someone.  Not just in the same bed but under the same blankets!  I know!  Who knew that's how it's supposed to be.

I like finding fulfillment on my own, and being supported in that.

I like hearing about your day and your struggles and your successes.

I like my new found interests and the freedom I have to explore them.

I don't have to sensor what I do or say for fear that someone will be offended or disappointed or judgmental.

Despite all the difficulties, I have found happiness.  I have found acceptance.  I have found love.  I have found myself.

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